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RoHun (Roe–hun) is a psycho-spiritual therapy that explores the soul symbols stored in the unconscious mind. These symbols once decoded by the client with the assistance of a trained RoHun therapist reveals the client’s inner struggles and his or her soul’s journey through various stages of identity and various levels of consciousness.

RoHun therapy explores these stages of identity and consciousness and assists with extracting any unhealthy elements. Through this process, the conscious mind experiences revelations of your highest talents, creativity and intuitive intelligence that are stored in the unconscious, and promotes the flourishing of optimal well-being and behavior. This contributes to the peaceful evolution of the individual.

RoHun offers not only a system for mental and emotional healing, but a system of growth in which the potentials that are latent in the unconsciousness can be integrated, until the client can fully attain the spiritual goal of enlightenment, corresponding to the direct realization of the spiritual essence of the Self, and to liberation from suffering due to practicing ignorance. The process of transcending the ordinary personality and discovering the unifying essence of the authentic or transpersonal self is the issue of real maturity and optimal mental and emotional health.

RoHun psychotherapy views our personal history and the resulting personality traits, tendencies, and attributes as the crust or skin covering our transpersonal essence. Another way of putting this is that the personality is, by design, the vessel or vehicle which enables one’s personality to navigate through the world. Thus, the proper role of the personality is to be a translucent window, a servant to one's inner knowing. Therefore, RoHun therapy assists the transpersonal self in emerging as a result of individual growth and maturation toward right action and loving feelings.

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