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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ is a highly effective model of hypnotherapy which utilizes several psychological and behavioral theoretical approaches, including humanistic psychology, developmental psychology, behavior modification techniques and a holistic integrative approach.

Hypnosis is an acceptable method for relaxation and concentration that provides access to a unique state of consciousness. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Therefore, everyone can experience hypnosis, and in fact, they do several times a day. They are just not conscious of it.

Hypnotherapy simply uses the state of hypnosis in therapy. It is a powerful way to access the source of problems, to reach and heal the lonely, fearful or abandoned inner child (the subconscious), and effectively change current behavior.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ is successful for just about any issue that the human mind, body and spirit may struggle with on a daily basis. Issues around anxiety, depression, addiction and even medical issues can be addressed and healed in often quite a profound fashion. It is also an amazing tool that provides deep and exciting levels of self-discovery for those interested in personal growth work.

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